What is another word for nisan?

Pronunciation: [nˈɪsən] (IPA)

Nisan is a Hebrew month that usually falls in March or April of the Gregorian calendar. Synonyms for the word "Nisan" may vary depending on the culture or language. In the Jewish faith, it is also called Abib or Aviv. In the Islamic calendar, it is known as Rajab. Other names for the month of Nisan are Ziv (Hebrew), Wep Renpet (Ancient Egyptian), and Bak (Hittite). In the Assyrian calendar, this month is called Aḥar or Addaru and in the Babylonian calendar it was called Arakhsamna. Regardless of the name, Nisan is a month that holds significant cultural and religious events across different civilizations.

Synonyms for Nisan:

  • n.

  • Other relevant words:

    Nissan Other relevant words (noun):
    • Jewish Calendar Month
    • .

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    • time
      Jewish Calendar Month.

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Usage examples for Nisan

With aqueducts and monuments and gleaming porticos with countless groves of palm-trees and gardens full of verdure; with wells and fountains, market and circus; with broad streets stretching away to the city gates and lined on either side with magnificent colonnades of rose-colored marble-such was Palmyra in the year of our Lord 250, when, in the soft Syrian month of nisan, or April, in an open portico in the great colonnade and screened from the sun by gayly colored awnings, two young people-a boy of sixteen and a girl of twelve-looked down upon the beautiful Street of the Thousand Columns, as lined with bazaars and thronged with merchants it stretched from the wonderful Temple of the Sun to the triple Gate-way of the Sepulchre, nearly a mile away.
"Historic Girls"
E. S. Brooks
Some say it was in the month of nisan, that is, in the spring: others maintain that it was in the month of Tisri, which begins the civil year of the Jews, and that it was on the sixth day of this month, which answers to our September, that Adam and Eve were created, and that it was on a Friday, a little after four o'clock in the afternoon!"
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)"
Isaac D'Israeli
On the twenty-fourth of nisan rain falls upon the water, upon the surface of which certain small sea-animals float which drink in the rain and then shut themselves up, and sink to the bottom.
"The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela"
Benjamin of Tudela

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