What is another word for noncommercial?

Pronunciation: [nˌɒnkəmˈɜːʃə͡l] (IPA)

Noncommercial is a term that denotes an action or enterprise that is not intended for financial gain. It can be used to describe various activities, such as artistic endeavors, charitable work, or educational programs. Synonyms for noncommercial include nonprofit, philanthropic, charitable, volunteer, and humanitarian. Nonprofit refers to an organization that does not seek to make a profit and reinvests any surplus funds back into its operations. Philanthropic emphasizes the spirit of giving and donating towards a cause. Charitable refers to an organization that serves the public good by raising funds or providing assistance to those in need. Volunteer denotes an individual who works without pay for a particular cause. Finally, humanitarian is used to describe acts or organizations that provide assistance to people affected by disasters or conflicts.

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  • Independent

    • Adjective
      non-market, non-business.
  • Other Related

    • Adjective

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When it comes to antonyms for the word "noncommercial," there are a few different options to consider. One possible antonym is "commercial," which refers to something that is focused on making money or generating revenue. Another option is "profit-making," which implies the same idea of seeking financial gain. "For-profit" is another antonym that can be used to describe something that is designed to bring in money. Alternatively, you could use "business-oriented" as an antonym for "noncommercial," which suggests a focus on commerce and economic activity. Finally, "money-driven" or "capitalistic" could be considered antonyms for "noncommercial," emphasizing an emphasis on financial gain above all else.

Usage examples for Noncommercial

The books are governed by Creative Commons licenses that permit their unlimited noncommercial redistribution, which means that you're welcome to share them with anyone you think will want to see them.
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow
While residents of the rich world are limited to making noncommercial copies of this book, residents of the developing world can do much more.
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow

Famous quotes with Noncommercial

  • Napster's only alleged liability is for contributory or vicarious infringement. So when Napster's users engage in noncommercial sharing of music, is that activity copyright infringement? No.
    David Boies
  • The Audio Home Recording Act directly says that noncommercial copying by consumers is lawful.
    David Boies

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