What is another word for nymphaea?

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[ nɪmfˈi͡ə], [ nɪmfˈi‍ə], [ n_ɪ_m_f_ˈiə]

The word "nymphaea" is commonly known as the scientific name for water lilies. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can also be used to refer to this aquatic plant. These synonyms include "lotus," "water lily," "pond lily," and "spatterdock." Each synonym has its own unique history and usage in different cultures and regions. For example, lotus is often associated with Buddhist symbolism and spirituality, while pond lily is a more commonly used term in North America. Regardless of the synonym used, the beauty and tranquil nature of these flowers are universally appreciated.

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    Usage examples for Nymphaea

    This, the Bowringia, and the little nymphaea, are three out of many remarkable instances of our approach to the eastern Asiatic flora.
    "Himalayan Journals V2."
    J. D. Hooker
    353. nymphaea pygmaea, ii.
    "Himalayan Journals V2."
    J. D. Hooker
    nymphaea alba, white water-lily.
    "The Antiquity of Man"
    Charles Lyell

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