What is another word for nystagmus?

Pronunciation: [nˈɪstaɡməs] (IPA)

Nystagmus, also known as involuntary eye movement, can have various synonyms depending on the context of its usage. In the medical field, alternative terms used for nystagmus include ocular flutter, ocular oscillations, and eye tremors. These phrases refer to the repetitive and involuntary movement of the eyes, often resulting in impaired vision or loss of balance. In everyday language, nystagmus can also be described as eye jerking or eye wobbling. People may also use the term as a telltale sign of drunkenness, referring to it as drunken eye movement. Regardless of how it is referred to, nystagmus should be taken seriously and diagnosed promptly with appropriate medical intervention.

Synonyms for Nystagmus:

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Usage examples for Nystagmus

The physical examination of the patient revealed certain neurological signs, such as exaggeration of the patellar reflexes, lateral nystagmus of both eyes, which determined us to look further into the question of his physical state, especially in view of a history of luetic infection five years before.
"Studies in Forensic Psychiatry"
Bernard Glueck
Slight horizontal nystagmus in both eyes on extreme outward rotation of the eyeballs.
"The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt"
Oliver Remey Henry Cochems Wheeler Bloodgood
The nystagmus now became limited to momentary onsets, but in its place I became aware of a peculiar diplopia.
"Food Poisoning"
Edwin Oakes Jordan

Famous quotes with Nystagmus

  • It came to me then in a flash that obviously the temperature of the water was responsible for the nystagmus.
    Robert Barany

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