What is another word for once in awhile?

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[ wˈɒns ɪn ɐwˈa͡ɪl], [ wˈɒns ɪn ɐwˈa‍ɪl], [ w_ˈɒ_n_s ɪ_n ɐ_w_ˈaɪ_l]

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Synonyms for Once in awhile:

How to use "Once in awhile" in context?

Once in awhile, we all need to get away from the rat race and recharge our batteries. Whether it's a mini-vacation or a long weekend away, going on a once in awhile can help refresh our outlook on life and give us the energy we need to continue on. Here are five ways to take a once in awhile:

1) Take a mini-vacation - Maybe the best way to take a once in awhile is to just take a mini-vacation. If you can find a place that's close by, go for it!

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