What is another word for orthodontist?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːθədˌɒntɪst] (IPA)

An orthodontist is a dental specialist focused on diagnosing and treating irregularities related to the teeth and jaw. However, there are a few other synonyms that could be used to describe this professional. One of the most common alternatives is a braces specialist, which reflects the common use of braces in orthodontic treatment. Another possible synonym is a smile consultant, highlighting the importance of a beautiful, well-aligned smile. Less common terms include a malocclusion expert (since malocclusion refers to misaligned teeth) and a bite corrector (given that an orthodontist often works to correct a patient's bite). Ultimately, though, orthodontist remains the primary term used to refer to this important dental specialist.

Synonyms for Orthodontist:

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Usage examples for Orthodontist

"Lefty is going to take me to the orthodontist this afternoon," she said.
"The Right Time"
Walter Bupp

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