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The word "paca" is a noun that refers to a large South American rodent with dark fur and a white belly. If you wanted to describe this animal using other words, you could use several synonyms. You could describe it as a "cavy," which is another name for guinea pig. Another synonym for "paca" is "agouti," which is a term that includes several different species of rodents. Additionally, you could use the word "paca" to describe a specific color that resembles the fur of the rodent, which is a reddish-brown hue. In this case, "paca" would be a synonym for this particular shade of color.

Similar words: pacarana, pakaloulou, pacamaca

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    The paca is a small deer that is found in the Andes of South America. The Paca is the National Bird of Peru. The Paca is the smallest and least-known deer in South America. It is the only deer in the genus Paca. The Paca has a DISTRIBUTION that spans from southeastern Colombia and northern Peru to eastern Bolivia and western Chile. In general, the Paca is found in thickets and high altitudes, but in some areas it is also found in open grasslands. The Paca is the only deer that lives in the Andes.

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