What is another word for passing game?

Pronunciation: [pˈasɪŋ ɡˈe͡ɪm] (IPA)

A passing game in football is a strategy that emphasizes pass plays rather than run plays. There are several synonyms for the term that can be used to describe different styles of the game. The most common synonyms include aerial attack, air raid, and passing attack. These terms suggest a highly aggressive and daring approach to the game, which relies on the strengths of a quarterback and his receivers to win the game. Another synonym for the passing game is the shotgun offense, which uses the shotgun formation to give the quarterback more time to throw the ball. This type of offense is often used by teams who have a strong passing game but may struggle with running the ball.

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Famous quotes with Passing game

  • The receivers are an integral part of the passing game.
    Hank Stram

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