What is another word for pass?

229 synonyms found


[ p_ˈa_s], [ pˈas], [ pˈas]

Synonyms for Pass:

die (verb) happen (verb) move (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Pass:

  1. lambastes, pasts, chasse, brass, last, lass, class, crass, sass, masse, gas, grass, mass, bass, ras, das, glass;
  2. harass, contrasts, morass, forecasts, alsace, amass, surpass, alas, impasse;

Quotes for Pass:

  1. I felt weary of the responsibility of owning houses and was glad enough to pass mine on to others. Lillie Langtry.
  2. Unfortunately a Constitutional amendment that would have empowered Congress to make desecration of the United States flag illegal failed to pass by one vote. Kenny Marchant.
  3. I do not think athletes should get a free pass I don't think we should train our children and future athletes to believe that they are above the law and morality. Armstrong Williams.

Idioms of Pass:

  1. pass by;
  2. cut off at the pass
  3. let sth go/ pass

Adjectives for Pass:

  • obviously male and female,
  • obviously male,
  • steep and rocky,
  • young and beautiful,
  • young,
  • female,
  • now bare and wide,
  • unprotected western,
  • perfectly safe and easy,
  • strange, unkempt,
  • old flathead,
  • cold and dead,
  • steep and difficult,
  • now bare,
  • other true,
  • perfectly safe,
  • easy,
  • wide,
  • cold,
  • strange,
  • steep,
  • interstellar temporary,
  • short and shrill,
  • short,
  • more accessible.