What is another word for pedophiliac?

Pronunciation: [pˌɛdəfˈɪlɪˌak] (IPA)

Pedophilia, sometimes referred to as pedophilic disorder, is a psychiatric disorder characterized by an adult's desire to engage in sexual activity with children below the age of 10 or 11 years old. The term pedophiliac is often used to describe an individual with a sexual attraction to children. There are a number of synonymous terms used to describe this condition, including pedosexual, pedophilic, and pedoerotic. Other terms commonly used include child molester, predator, and offender, although these are often used to describe individuals who have acted on their pedophilic tendencies and engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with children. It is important to note that pedophilic attraction is a mental disorder, and not a choice.

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  • [Comfort's indtroduction] says very little about “The Origin of Species” per se, limiting itself to familiar creationist canards about the complexity of the human eye and the absence of “transitional forms” from the fossil record. (It’s hard to lend much credence to the scientific arguments of a guy who thinks chimpanzees are monkeys.) There’s a brief biographical section on Darwin’s life, most of which has been plagiarized from a short text by Dr. Stan Guffey, as some bloggers have demonstrated. The rest has been plagiarized from Brian Regal’s introduction to the Barnes and Noble edition of “The Autobiography of Charles Darwin,” except for a timeline, which was plagiarized from an online resource. Nearly half of the introduction isn’t even about evolution at all, and consists of a hodgepodge of strained sky-diving metaphors and horror stories about pedophiliac killers. Lastly, although Comfort claimed in advance that “not one jot or tittle” of the text of “The Origin of Species” would be missing from his edition, four entire chapters were omitted. Comfort said that this was an error limited to the first printing, but his critics have claimed that these sections were intentionally left out because they contain strong evidence for Darwin’s theory.
    Ray Comfort

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