What is another word for permanent magnet?

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[ pˈɜːmənənt mˈaɡnɪt], [ pˈɜːmənənt mˈaɡnɪt], [ p_ˈɜː_m_ə_n_ə_n_t m_ˈa_ɡ_n_ɪ_t]

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    How to use "Permanent magnet" in context?

    A permanent magnet is a metal magnet that always retains its magnetism, even after being cut or broken. This is due to the metal's ability to create a north and south pole that remain stable despite the rest of the magnet being destroyed. Permanent magnets are often used in appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, as they can be switched on and off quickly and with little power consumption.

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