What is another word for permissive waste?

Pronunciation: [pəmˈɪsɪv wˈe͡ɪst] (IPA)

Permissive waste is a legal term referring to the abuse or destruction of property rights. It usually occurs when a property owner fails to take appropriate action in preventing or repairing damages to their property. Synonyms for permissive waste include neglect, dereliction, default, abandonment, omission, and nonfeasance. These are all instances where a person has failed to perform a duty or obligation, resulting in the deterioration or loss of property value. Other related terms include waste, spoilage, and dissipation, which all refer to the decline or damage of real or personal property. Property owners must exercise due diligence in maintaining and preserving their assets, or risk legal liability for permissive waste or related crimes.

Synonyms for Permissive waste:

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