What is another word for personal accounts?

Pronunciation: [pˈɜːsənə͡l ɐkˈa͡ʊnts] (IPA)

Personal accounts, also known as individual accounts, are records of an individual's financial transactions. Another term for personal accounts is private accounts. Personal accounts are also referred to as customer accounts when they are maintained by a bank or a financial institution. Alternatively, personal accounts can be termed as personal funds, personal savings, personal finance or individual finances. An individual's personal account also includes their personal data such as name, contact information and other personal details. These accounts are instrumental in tracking personal financial goals and maintaining an individual's financial records. Synonyms for personal accounts vary depending on the context in which they are used, but all imply the management of personal finances.

What are the hypernyms for Personal accounts?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Personal accounts

  • No matter how you cut it, this real debate on personal accounts is about the legitimacy of Social Security; it's not about the solvency of Social Security.
    Joe Biden
  • I like the idea of giving workers control and putting their money into their personal accounts.
    Virginia Foxx
  • Drawing on President Bush's reform plan, which would allow citizens to transfer part of their Social Security contributions into personal accounts, an alteration of the current system is needed to make necessary change.
    James A. Leach
  • We promote domestic savings by also things like the personal accounts associated with the president's Social Security initiative, which over time would generate more savings.
    John W. Snow
  • For my children, it makes sense to talk about modernizing Social Security, letting them create stronger personal accounts, letting them get a higher rate of return over the long run.
    John Sununu

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