What is another word for phallic phase?

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The phallic phase is a term used in psychoanalytic theory to describe a developmental stage in a child's psychosexual development where there is a focus on genitalia and sexual curiosity. Synonyms for the phallic phase include the penile phase, the genital phase, and the erogenous zone stage. Other alternatives include the Oedipal phase, named after the Greek mythological figure Oedipus, as the child is believed to experience conflicts relating to sexual desire for their parent of the opposite sex. Another synonym related to this phase is the castration complex, referring to the fear of losing the penis symbolically or actually. This stage is important in the child's development as it sets the stage for later stages of psychosexual development.

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The phallic phase is a transitional stage in a woman's life when she becomes more attracted to masculine instincts, desires and characteristics. During the phallic phase, a woman may become more assertive, ambitious and confident. She may also become more interested in working outside the home and taking on aggressive or masculine roles in her life. The phallic phase is a natural stage that most women go through at some point in their lives and is generally considered to be a positive development.

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