What is another word for Pharisaism?

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Pharisaism refers to the practice of being strict and exacting in one's observance of religious or moral laws and principles. Some synonyms for this word include legalism, formalism, rigidity, dogmatism, and puritanism. Legalism denotes an overemphasis on the adherence to laws and regulations, while formalism points to an excessive concern with the outward forms and ceremonies of religion. Rigidity suggests inflexibility and unwillingness to compromise, while dogmatism denotes an assertiveness and narrow-mindedness in one's opinions. Puritanism refers to strict adherence to moral standards and a spurning of bodily pleasures. All these terms are related to the concept of rigid adherence to rules and principles without consideration for the spirit behind them.

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    The word "Pharisaism" comes from the Hebrew word for "prince," because a Pharisaic prelate was a learned judge or theologian who administered the religious rites of a particular sect of Jews. The word "Pharisaism" also refers to the cardinal doctrines of this sect, which emphasized strict obedience to religious law, humility, and abstention from worldly pleasures.

    Because Pharisaism was so concerned with external observances and proofs of devotion to God, it came under fire from other Jews, who accused the sect of being legalistic and hypocritical.

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