What is another word for phonetically?

Pronunciation: [fənˈɛtɪkli] (IPA)

Phonetically refers to the sound of a word or language. There are a few synonyms available to describe the same meaning of the term. One possible synonym for phonetically could be phonemically because it is related to the concept of speech sounds in language. Another option is phonologically, which describes the sound system in a particular language. Another synonym could be articulatorily, which focuses on the movement of the lips, tongue, and other organs while speaking. Lastly, acoustically can also be used interchangeably with phonetically, as it pertains to the physical characteristics of sound waves in speech. Each of these synonyms helps establish a deeper understanding of the pronunciation and sound of language.

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Usage examples for Phonetically

The effect on the auditory nerves is known as "k-r-rump," which is, phonetically speaking, a fairly literal translation.
"Leaves from a Field Note-Book"
J. H. Morgan
These letters are also written phonetically, and, as the pronunciation, which directs the spelling, is all wrong, the double result is prodigious.
"Put Yourself in His Place"
Charles Reade
The ejaculation, as near as I can spell it phonetically, was "hahcht" uttered in a shrill crescendo tone.
"How I Found Livingstone"
Sir Henry M. Stanley

Famous quotes with Phonetically

  • “She probably used proxies and a cleaner-upper online too, because there was bugger-all of interest in her cache.” “You have no idea what you’re saying, do you, boss?” “None at all. I had the techies write it all out phonetically for me.”
    China Miéville
  • To pragmatists, the letter is nothing more than a phonetically symbolic glyph, a minor sign easily learned, readily assimilated, and occasionally deployed in the course of a literate life. To cynics, is just an with a stick up its butt.
    Tom Robbins

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