What is another word for piping plover?

Pronunciation: [pˈa͡ɪpɪŋ plˈʌvə] (IPA)

Piping Plover is a small, sand-colored bird found along the eastern and mid-western coasts of North America. It is known for its distinctive "piping" call and distinctive plumage. There are several synonyms for the Piping Plover, including Beach Bird, Sand Lark, and Wave Runner. These names reflect the bird's habitat and behavior, as it is typically found on sandy beaches and dunes, and is known for its rapid movements and quick, low-altitude flight. The Piping Plover is an important species to monitor, as its populations are vulnerable to habitat loss, disturbance, and predation. Conservation efforts have helped to stabilize and increase Piping Plover populations in some areas, but continued vigilance is needed to ensure their long-term survival.

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