What is another word for pipsissewa?

Pronunciation: [pˈɪpsɪsjˌuːə] (IPA)

Pipsissewa is a small evergreen plant with rosettes of shiny leaves and tiny pink bell-shaped flowers. It is also known as prince's pine, wintergreen, spotted wintergreen, and ground holly. These various names are based on the plant's medicinal properties, as it has been used to treat a variety of ailments. The name "pipsissewa" itself comes from the Cree word "pipisisikweu," which means "It breaks into small pieces." Other synonyms for pipsissewa include rheumatism weed, mountain tea, Indian tobacco, and gaultheria. Whether you call it pipsissewa, wintergreen, or by any of its other monikers, this plant remains a valuable and versatile plant beloved by many.

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Usage examples for Pipsissewa

Not once had her troubled look wandered from the moist dead leaves on the ground, to the misty edges of the forest, where small wild flowers thronged in a pale procession of pipsissewa, ladies' tresses, and Enchanter's nightshade.
"The Miller Of Old Church"
Ellen Glasgow
In like manner one learns where to look for arbutus, for pipsissewa, for the early orchis; they have their particular haunts, and their surroundings are nearly always the same.
"A Year in the Fields"
John Burroughs
A plain brown carpet suits it best, with a modest figure of green-preferably of evergreen-woven into it; a tracery of partridge-berry vine, or, it may be, of club moss, with here and there a tuft of pipsissewa and pyrola.
"The Foot-path Way"
Bradford Torrey

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