What is another word for Plexus Coccygeus?

Pronunciation: [plˈɛksəs kˈɒka͡ɪd͡ʒɪəs] (IPA)

The Plexus Coccygeus is a complex network of nerves within the body, located in the region of the coccyx or tailbone. This area is also known as the coccygeal plexus and is made up of various nerve fibers that are responsible for sensory and motor functions. Synonyms for the Plexus Coccygeus include the coccygeal nerve plexus, the sacrococcygeal plexus, and the ganglion impar. This area is especially sensitive and is responsible for transmitting important sensory information from the pelvic floor, as well as regulating various muscles and organs within the region. Understanding the various synonyms for the Plexus Coccygeus can help clinicians and medical professionals communicate effectively with their patients to ensure proper treatment and care.

Synonyms for Plexus coccygeus:

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