What is another word for Plexus Celiacus?

Pronunciation: [plˈɛksəs sˈɛlɪˌakəs] (IPA)

Plexus Celiacus is a network of nerves located in the abdomen, that regulates digestion and the functioning of various organs. It is also known as the Celiac ganglion or Solar plexus. This intricate system of nerves controls the functioning of the stomach, liver, spleen and pancreas. Other synonyms for Plexus Celiacus include: - Celiac plexus - Abdominal ganglion - Suprarenal plexus - Coeliac plexus - Gastric plexus - Solar ganglion. It is essential to maintain a healthy Plexus Celiacus, as problems with this network of nerves can lead to several digestive disorders such as gastroparesis, bloating and constipation. Thus, keeping this vital system healthy is crucial for overall physical well-being.

Synonyms for Plexus celiacus:

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