What is another word for plunks?

Pronunciation: [plˈʌŋks] (IPA)

The word "plunks" is often used to refer to a light, hollow sound or a casual, clumsy action. Some synonyms for "plunks" may include "plops," "droops," "thuds," "clunks," "thumps," and "dumps." Each of these words conveys a slightly different nuance or context, but they all share a similar sense of a dull, heavy impact or a lack of grace. Other similar words that may be used interchangeably with "plunks" could include "flops," "slumps," "burps," "slaps," or "slips," depending on the specific connotation desired. Regardless of the words chosen, they all capture the sense of something landing heavily or falling awkwardly.

Synonyms for Plunks:

What are the hypernyms for Plunks?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Plunks

If you want to round up a thousand plunks, all you've got to do is to tell me who Mr. Hold-up is.
"Brand Blotters"
William MacLeod Raine
As he told it, she was a sure enough princess, so far as the tag went, only the family had been in the nobility business so long that the pedigree had lasted out the plunks.
"Shorty McCabe"
Sewell Ford
Th' Threeasury Departmint has to go on a silver basis, there bein' no goold to mannyfacther into plunks.
"Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen"
Finley Peter Dunne

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