What is another word for chink?

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The word "chink" has often been used in an offensive manner to describe a narrow opening or a small crack. However, there exist many synonyms that can be utilized instead, which carry a more neutral or positive connotation. Some of these synonyms include sliver, crevice, fissure, rift, gap, opening, entrance, slot, and aperture. Additionally, the word "chink" has also been used as a racial slur towards people of Asian descent. In this case, appropriate alternatives could be "Chinese" or "Asian," or even specifying the nationality of the person being referred to. It is important to choose language that is respectful and considerate of others, and to avoid using derogatory terms.

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    By-and-by, they know there will come the chink of the coin again.
    "Hodge and His Masters"
    Richard Jefferies
    S'elp me de Lord, massa, I'd chink twenty year for a white face.
    "The Frozen Pirate"
    W. Clark Russell
    "Put money in your pocket and chink it," said I, "and your face'll be found white enough, I warrant."
    "The Frozen Pirate"
    W. Clark Russell

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