What is another word for political philosophy?

Pronunciation: [pəlˈɪtɪkə͡l fɪlˈɒsəfi] (IPA)

Political philosophy is a broad and complex field of study that encompasses a range of ideas, theories, and perspectives. Some of the synonyms for political philosophy include political theory, political ideology, political thought, political doctrine, and political belief. These terms all refer to the study of how power is distributed and exercised in society, as well as the principles and values that underpin political systems. Other synonyms for political philosophy might include political ethics, political morality, or political values. While these terms may have slightly different connotations, they all relate to the study of politics and how it shapes our lives and communities.

What are the hypernyms for Political philosophy?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Political philosophy

  • Men are not allowed to think freely about chemistry and biology: why should they be allowed to think freely about political philosophy?
    Auguste Comte
  • We have the tools, but we have to learn how to use them. That is my political philosophy.
    Harri Holkeri
  • If a liberal political philosophy stands for anything, and I am no longer sure it does, then it must mean that we are committed to the leveling of the playing field for everyone.
    Daniel Keys Moran
  • The conclusions seem inescapable that in certain circles a tendency has arisen to fear people who fear government. Government, as the Father of Our Country put it so well, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. People who understand history, especially the history of government, do well to fear it. For a people to express openly their fear of those of us who are afraid of tyranny is alarming. Fear of the state is in no sense subversive. It is, to the contrary, the healthiest political philosophy for a free people.
    Jeff Cooper
  • Philosophy is a hypothetical interpretation of the unknown (as in metaphysics), or of the inexactly known (as in ethics or political philosophy); it is the front trench in the siege of truth.
    Will Durant

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