What is another word for morality?

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Morality is defined as a set of principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Some synonyms for morality include ethics, moral principles, values, principles, conscience, and integrity. Ethics refers to a set of principles that guide behavior that is deemed right or wrong in a particular context. Moral principles are beliefs that support or oppose certain behaviors, while values are what one considers most important in life. Principles refer to a set of fundamental beliefs that guide decision-making, conscience is the inner sense of what is right or wrong, and integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principles. All of these words are important for defining and understanding morality.

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    Morality is the principle or doctrine concerning the proper conduct of persons, especially as regards moral judgments about right and wrong. Morality may be considered as either a personal or social construct. In the personal context, it refers to one's own codes of ethics and morals, whereas in the social context, it may refer to the custom, convention, or law that establishes codes of behavior.

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