What is another word for postindustrial?

Pronunciation: [pˌə͡ʊstɪndˈʌstɹɪəl] (IPA)

Postindustrial is a term commonly used to describe a society or economy that has moved beyond traditional manufacturing and is now focused on service-based industries. However, there are several synonyms for the term that can be used interchangeably. Some of these include "post-manufacturing", "service-based", "knowledge-based", and "information-based". Other synonyms may include "digital", "technological", or "innovative", depending on the context in which they are used. These terms are often used to describe the shift in economic focus from traditional manufacturing to newer service-based industries that rely on technology and innovation to drive growth and prosperity. Whatever term is used, it is clear that our society will continue to evolve and grow in new and exciting ways in the years to come.

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What are the hypernyms for Postindustrial?

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What are the opposite words for postindustrial?

Postindustrial refers to a society or economy that has shifted from a manufacturing-based industry to a service-based one. The antonyms for postindustrial would include preindustrial, industrial, and agrarian. Preindustrial describes a society that is based on agriculture and manual labor. Industrial refers to a society or economy that is primarily based on manufacturing and mass production. Agrarian refers to a society that is mainly based on agriculture and farming. While postindustrial societies have become dominant in many parts of the world, there are still regions where preindustrial, industrial, and agrarian societies exist. The antonyms for postindustrial remind us of the diverse ways in which societies and economies can be organized.

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Usage examples for Postindustrial

His new organization immediately became a financial fixture in the new postindustrial, high-tech Japan, and now, five years later, Nippon, Inc.
"The Samurai Strategy"
Thomas Hoover

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  • Our working hypothesis is that the status of knowledge is altered as societies enter what is known as the postindustrial age and cultures enter what is known as the postmodern age.
    Jean-Francois Lyotard

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