What is another word for proteomics?

Pronunciation: [pɹə͡ʊtˈɒmɪks] (IPA)

Proteomics is the study of proteins and their functions in living organisms. Other synonyms for proteomics include proteinomics, peptide analysis, protein profiling, and proteomes. Proteomics is a vital field of research as it helps to identify potential biomarkers for various diseases, discover new drug targets, and understand the mechanisms of cellular processes. In recent years, advances in technology, such as mass spectrometry and bioinformatics, have greatly aided in the progress of proteomics research. The study of proteins is crucial to understanding and engineering life, and synonyms for proteomics are a reflection of the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of this field.

Synonyms for Proteomics:

What are the hypernyms for Proteomics?

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What are the hyponyms for Proteomics?

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