What is another word for prudishness?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈuːdɪʃnəs] (IPA)

Prudishness is often used to describe someone who is excessively proper or cautious in their behavior, particularly when it comes to matters related to sex or morality. Synonyms for prudishness include priggishness, puritanism, tight-lacedness, squeamishness, and primness. These words can be used to describe those who are overly concerned with etiquette, propriety, or modesty, often to the point of being judgmental or rigid in their views. Other related terms might include conservative, traditional, or old-fashioned, which suggest a more general tendency towards caution or reserve. Regardless of the word used, prudishness is often associated with a reluctance to engage in activities or behaviors that are considered taboo or immoral in society.

What are the hypernyms for Prudishness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for prudishness?

The word "prudishness" refers to excessive or overly conservative behavior, particularly when it comes to sexuality. Its antonyms can be used to describe someone who is more open-minded, adventurous, or uninhibited. These can include words like boldness, audacity, daring, brazenness, or even promiscuity. On the flip side, if one wants to describe someone who is too open or careless in their behavior, terms like recklessness, impulsiveness, or even licentiousness could be used. In any case, these antonyms emphasize the opposite of prudishness and imply a more relaxed attitude towards morality or social norms.

What are the antonyms for Prudishness?

Usage examples for Prudishness

Her shame, too, like her first simple unconscious action, was natural; for we live in a cooler climate, and are accustomed to more clothing than the Spanish; and our closer covering "has entered the soul," as the late Professor Kitchen Parker would have said; and that which was only becoming modesty in the English woman would in the Spanish seem rank prudishness.
"Afoot in England"
W.H. Hudson
Without any prudishness, without the slightest atom of self-distrust or fear to meet him, every womanly feeling in her kept her out of his way.
"Christian's Mistake"
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
He had a feeling that she regarded his objections as the outcome of eccentric prudishness, or at the best an unreasonable fit of jealousy.
"The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories"
Ethel M. Dell

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