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Pronunciation: [kwəɹˈan] (IPA)

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Synonyms for the Quran include the Koran, Qur'an, and Al-Quran. The word "Koran" translates to "recitation" in Arabic, which refers to the traditional way of reciting the Quran. The term "Qur'an" translates to "the reading" or "the recitation." The phrase "Al-Quran" means "the Quran" and is often used to refer to the book as a whole. Other synonyms for the Quran include the holy book, the scripture, and the sacred text. Regardless of the synonym used, the Quran holds immense significance in the religious and cultural practices of Muslims around the world.

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Usage examples for Quran

Then be resumed his smelly garments without troubling to dry his body, and got out a quran from a corner and began to read it in a nasal singsong that would have kept dead men awake.
"King--of the Khyber Rifles"
Talbot Mundy
The quran is completed, the new era has begun.
"The Reconciliation of Races and Religions"
Thomas Kelly Cheyne
Swear on the quran that you did not try to drown her."
"Tales of Bengal"
S. B. Banerjea

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