What is another word for Rabi I?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈaba͡ɪ ˈa͡ɪ] (IPA)

Rabi I is the third month in the Islamic calendar, and it is a time of reflection and spiritual rejuvenation for Muslims all around the world. There are several synonyms for the term "Rabi I" that are commonly used, including "Rabi al-Awwal," "Rabi-ul-Awwal," and "Rabi'ul Awal." These terms all refer to the same month in the calendar and are often used interchangeably. Other synonyms for Rabi I include "the month of the Prophet's birth" and "the month of the first spring." While the term may vary, the importance and significance of this month remain a constant for Muslims observing the Islamic calendar.

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What are the hypernyms for Rabi i?

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    Assyrian Muslims, Islamic scholars, Middle Eastern religious figures, Shiite Muslims.

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