What is another word for rabid?

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Rabid is commonly used to describe an extreme and uncontrolled state, typically used in connection with behavior or ideology. Synonyms for rabid include fanatical, zealous, fervent, fervid, wild, extreme, intense, and violent. The word can also be used to describe an infectious and deadly disease, in which case synonyms might include contagious, infectious, virulent, and lethal. When used to describe a person, animal, or group with an intense and uncontrollable frenzy, synonyms can include crazed, manic, unhinged, obsessed, and overzealous. Understanding the various shades of meaning associated with synonyms for rabid can help individuals communicate more effectively and convey the appropriate level of intensity needed for their message.

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    Rabid is an uncommon, but serious, medical condition in which an individual's immune system becomes overactive and attacks its own tissues, organs, or other people. Rabid episodes can be difficult to identify and can lead to great harm to the individual and those around them. There is no specific cure for rabies, and the only treatment is to prevent the spread of the virus to others.

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