What is another word for race prejudice?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈe͡ɪs pɹˈɛd͡ʒuːdɪs] (IPA)

Race prejudice is a term that refers to preconceived ideas or attitudes towards individuals or groups based on their race or ethnicity. Synonyms for this term include racial bias, discrimination, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism. Racial bias refers to a tendency to judge others based on their race, while discrimination involves treating individuals unfairly based on their ethnic or racial background. Bigotry is a harsh, intolerant attitude towards those who are different, particularly in terms of race. Xenophobia is an irrational fear or hatred of individuals outside one's own ethnic or national group, while racism is the belief that one race is inherently superior to another.

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What are the hypernyms for Race prejudice?

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Famous quotes with Race prejudice

  • We beg you to save young America from the blight of race prejudice. Do not bind the children within the narrow circles of your own lives.
    Charles Hamilton Houston
  • Western civilization, Christianity, decency are struggling for their very lives. In this worldwide civil war, race prejudice is our most dangerous enemy, for it is a disease at the very root of our democratic life.
    Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
  • Seeing their children touched and seared and wounded by race prejudice is one of the heaviest crosses which colored women have to bear.
    Mary Church Terrell
  • There is in mankind a deep and desperate necessity to feel superior. In any group there are some who genuinely are superior...but it is easy to see that within the parameters of any group, be it culture, club, nation, profession, only a few are really superior; the mass, clearly, are not. But it is the will of the mass that dictates the mores, initiated though changes may be by individuals or minorities; the individuals or minorities, more often than not, are cut down for their trouble. And if a unit of the mass wants to feel superior, it will find a way. This terrible drive has found expression in many ways, through history—in slavery and genocide, xenophobia and snobbery, race prejudice and sex differentiation. Given a man who, among his fellows, has no real superiority, you are faced with a bedevilled madman who, if superiority is denied him, and he cannot learn one or earn one, will turn on something weaker than himself and The obvious, logical, handiest subject for this inexcusable indignity is his woman.
    Theodore Sturgeon

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