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Xenophobia, the fear or hatred of foreigners, can be described in a variety of terms. Some synonyms include bigotry, racism, ethnocentrism, intolerance, and nativism. These words all convey the idea of discrimination against individuals or groups based on their country of origin or ethnicity. Other words that share similar meanings are prejudice, bias, and discrimination. However, these terms do not necessarily denote a fear-based reaction towards foreigners. Instead, they can also refer to a broader consideration of any group or individual who is different from oneself. Regardless of the word used, xenophobia and its synonyms promote exclusion and dehumanization, a mentality that humanity must strive to overcome.

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    Xenophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of foreigners or foreigners' culture or way of life, typically shown in a negative light. Xenophobia can be expressed as intolerance toward people who are different from the majority group or who are perceived as a threat to the cultural or national identity. While xenophobia is not limited to any one culture or region, it is often most pronounced against people from other cultures who are seen as unfamiliar or threatening.

    There is no one single cause for xenophobia, and it can be exhibited in a number of ways.

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