What is another word for re-probates?

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Reprobates are often considered as people who behave in a morally corrupt or unprincipled way. Synonyms for this word include scoundrels, rascals, miscreants, villains, blackguards, scallywags, ne'er-do-wells, and rogues. These words all share a common meaning of someone who behaves badly and without regard for others. Other synonyms for reprobates could include degenerates, outlaws, culprits, delinquents, or troublemakers. These terms all describe someone who has deviated from acceptable societal norms and engages in behavior that is deemed unacceptable. Ultimately, the use of each synonym will depend on context and the level of severity of the behavior being described.

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    How to use "Re-probates" in context?

    The word "re-probate" has two meanings. The first definition is to annul or revoke (a document). The second definition is to re-admit to membership in a society or organization after being expelled or having been placed on probation. In legal terms, re-probates are persons who have had their civil rights restored after they have been convicted of a crime and have served their sentence.

    There are many benefits to being re-probated. For one, it can restore your civil rights and make it easier for you to get a job, housing, or other forms of assistance.

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