What is another word for re-veals?

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There are several synonyms for the word "reveals" that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some of these synonyms include uncovers, exposes, discloses, divulges, and unveils. Each of these terms can be used to describe the act of revealing something that was previously unknown or hidden. For example, a detective might uncover evidence that reveals the identity of a criminal suspect. A journalist might expose a scandal that reveals corruption in a government agency. By using synonyms for the word "reveals," writers can vary their language and add interest to their writing while conveying the same idea.

Synonyms for Re-veals:

How to use "Re-veals" in context?

When a person has something hidden from them, that person may feel a sense of pleasure, or satisfaction, when the truth is finally revealed. This is called a "re-veal." Reveals can happen accidentally, or on purpose, but they all have the same basic purpose: to resolve a hidden conflict or tension.

Some common examples of re-veals include:

1) When a person finally tells someone their true feelings.

2) When a person finally admits their wrongdoings.

3) When a person finally reveals their true identity.

4) When a person finally explains a confusing event.

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