What is another word for recency?

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[ ɹɪsˈɛnsi], [ ɹɪsˈɛnsi], [ ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_n_s_i]

Recency refers to the state of being recent or new. Some synonyms for this word include freshness, modernity, novelty, latestness, and newness. These words all convey the idea of something being current and up-to-date. Freshness suggests something that has just been created or discovered, while modernity emphasizes the contemporary nature of something. Novelty refers to something that is new and different. Latestness describes something that is the most recent development in a series. Newness simply refers to something that is recently created or discovered. All of these synonyms share the sense of something being recently introduced or created.

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Usage examples for Recency

In any case, the reference to the locomotive established the recency of the name.
"Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society"
Robert F. Murphy Yolanda Murphy
When these circumstances are ascertained, time ceases to be an element in the question, and the animus manendi, once ascertained, the recency of the establishment, though it may have been for a day only, is immaterial.
"The Laws Of War, Affecting Commerce And Shipping"
H. Byerley Thomson
Probably a recency of form rather than of course is meant; but in any case, I cannot believe that the merchants of Amalfi sent out their trade by a route which began for them with an ascent so very long and arduous.
"Naples Past and Present"
Arthur H. Norway

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