What is another word for resistance form?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪsˈɪstəns fˈɔːm] (IPA)

Resistance form is defined as the shape and design of a tooth preparation that provides optimal support and resistance against occlusal forces. There are various synonyms for this term, all of which are crucial in the field of dentistry. One common synonym is "retention form", which refers to the features of a tooth preparation that aid in retaining a dental restoration securely in place. Another term used interchangeably with resistance form is "structural integrity", emphasizing the strength and stability of the tooth preparation. Lastly, "supportive shape" is another synonym that signifies the importance of a tooth preparation's form in providing support to the final dental restoration. Understanding these synonyms aids dental professionals in ensuring effective and long-lasting dental treatments.

What are the opposite words for resistance form?

Resistance form refers to the specific preparation of a tooth to receive a dental restoration. The opposite of resistance form is dislodgement, which is the risk of the restoration coming loose or falling out. Another antonym for resistance form is improper preparation, which is when the tooth is not properly prepared to receive the restoration. Insufficient resistance form is another antonym, meaning there is not enough strength or support for the restoration to properly adhere. Other words that have opposite meanings to resistance form include detachment, instability, looseness, and inefficiency. To avoid these antonyms, it is important for dental professionals to carefully prepare teeth for restorations and ensure proper resistance form is achieved.

What are the antonyms for Resistance form?

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