What is another word for resistance?

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The word "resistance" has a lot of synonyms that can be used in its place depending on the context of the sentence. Some synonyms for resistance include defiance, opposition, rebellion, imperviousness, and toughness. Resistance can also be replaced with words like endurance, fortitude, or resilience if referring to a person's ability to withstand stress or challenges. In medical terms, immunity is a synonym for resistance, meaning the ability to fight off diseases. The word "resistance" can be used in a variety of fields including science, sociology, politics, and psychology, and having a range of synonyms allows for more precise language and communication within these fields.

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How to use "Resistance" in context?

Resistance is a natural and effective tool for self-preservation. Most organisms resist adverse changes in their environment in order to maintain their vital information, morphology, chemical composition, etc. We are also subjected to a constant barrage of threats to our survival: chemical exposure, physical abuse, financial hardship, and more.

Resistance is not a passive process. It involves cognitive and physical changes that allow us to cope with stressors. Researchers have shown that resistance can result in increased physical activity, improved stress management, and increased wellness.

There are many types of resistance, but the most common is adaptive resistance.

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