What is another word for Rotten-stone?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɒtənstˈə͡ʊn] (IPA)

Rotten-stone is a fine powder made from the pulverized rock of soft, friable, and decomposed limestone. It is often used as a polishing agent for metals, especially after they have been polished with coarser abrasives. However, if you're unable to find rotten-stone, don't worry, as there are many synonyms that can be used as an alternative. Some of these synonyms include tripoli, jeweler's rouge, pumice, diatomaceous earth, chalk, and other similar fine powders. These alternatives vary in texture and hardness, so it's important to select the appropriate substitute depending on the metal and the level of polish required.

Synonyms for Rotten-stone:

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    • become rotten
    • .

What are the hypernyms for Rotten-stone?

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