What is another word for rye ergot?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈa͡ɪ ˈɜːɡət] (IPA)

Rye ergot, also known as ergot of rye, is a fungus that infects rye grains, causing them to form a hard, black, fungal mass known as ergot. This fungus is rich in alkaloids that can have toxic effects on humans and animals when consumed in high quantities. To avoid using the term "rye ergot," which can be difficult to pronounce and remember, there are several alternative synonyms. Some of the most commonly used synonyms for rye ergot include ergotism, ergot poisoning, ergotoxicosis, and Saint Anthony's fire. These terms are easier to remember and can be used interchangeably with rye ergot to refer to the same fungal infection.

Synonyms for Rye ergot:

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