What is another word for satchels?

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[ sˈat͡ʃə͡lz], [ sˈat‍ʃə‍lz], [ s_ˈa_tʃ_əl_z]

Satchels are a popular bag style that many people use to carry their essentials. However, for those who want to add a little variety to their vocabulary, there are several synonyms for satchels. One option is a messenger bag, which is a larger bag that can hold more items and is often worn cross-body. Another synonym is a shoulder bag, which is a smaller bag that is worn over the shoulder. A third option is a tote bag, which is a larger, more open bag that is often used for carrying items like groceries or books. Additionally, backpacks can sometimes be considered a synonym for satchels, as they too are worn over the shoulder and can hold a variety of items.

How to use "Satchels" in context?

What is a Satchel? A satchel is a bag made of cloth, leather, or other materials, traditionally worn over one shoulder. The bag is often decorated with a shoulder strap, a cross-body strap, or a closure such as a button, snap, or buckle.

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