What is another word for savannas?

Pronunciation: [savˈanəz] (IPA)

Savannas are vast stretches of grasslands that are often found in tropical regions of the world. They are characterized by their tall grasses and scattered trees, and are home to a wide variety of wildlife. Synonyms for savannas include plains, prairies, steppes, and meadows. While these terms are often used interchangeably, each has its own subtle differences. Plains and prairies typically refer to broad, flat expanses of grasslands, while steppes are drier and found in more temperate regions. Meadows are smaller, often surrounded by forest, and have more flowers and shrubs. Despite their differences, all of these terms evoke images of open, grassy landscapes that are teeming with life.

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Usage examples for Savannas

Bartram states that in Florida he only appears after the savannas have been on fire, when he is seen to pass over the ground amidst the black ashes, hunting for and devouring the snakes and lizards that have been killed by the fire.
"The Boy Hunters"
Captain Mayne Reid
Nebraska, Kansas, and Arizona he knows as well as the savannas of his native blue-grass country.
"Marion's Faith."
Charles King
When the southern savannas were planted with rice, the bobolinks soon found that this food suited them.
"Ways of Nature"
John Burroughs

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