What is another word for scrap heap?

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[ skɹˈap hˈiːp], [ skɹˈap hˈiːp], [ s_k_ɹ_ˈa_p h_ˈiː_p]

A scrap heap refers to a pile of discarded or unwanted materials or items. There are several synonyms for scrap heap, including junkyard, landfill, dump, waste disposal site, rubbish heap, and refuse pile. These words all convey the same general meaning of a place where things that are no longer useful or needed are discarded. Other possible synonyms for scrap heap could include junk pile, debris field, salvage yard, or scrap yard. Regardless of the specific term used, a scrap heap is generally a place to get rid of unwanted items, and can sometimes be a source for salvaging or repurposing materials.

Synonyms for Scrap heap:

How to use "Scrap heap" in context?

The scrap heap is a large pile of items that have been discarded, including pieces of broken furniture, old clothes, and other waste. It can be found in most homes, and is used to store the waste until it can be disposed of properly.

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