What is another word for shaitans?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈe͡ɪtənz] (IPA)

The word "shaitans" is commonly associated with demons or evil spirits in Islamic belief. There are several synonyms for this term that can be used to describe similar entities in other cultures and belief systems. In Hinduism, "asuras" are often depicted as malevolent beings with supernatural powers. "Yōkai" is a Japanese term used for supernatural monsters and spirits, while "djinn" is a term often used in Islamic and Arabic mythology to describe a type of supernatural being capable of granting wishes or causing harm. Other synonyms for shaitans include devils, fiends, demons, and specters, all of which evoke a sense of malevolence and supernatural power.

What are the hypernyms for Shaitans?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Shaitans

  • Defiling their shadows, infidels, accursed of Allah, with fingernails that are foot-long daggers, with mouths agape like cauldrons full of teeth on the boil, with eyes all fire, shaitans possessed of Iblis, clanking into their wars all linked, like slaves, with iron chains. Murad Bey, the huge, the single-blowed ox-beheader, saw without too much surprise mild-looking pale men dressed in blue, holding guns, drawn up in squares six deep as though in some massed dance depictive of orchard walls. At the corners of the squares were heavy giins and gunners. There did not seem to be many horsemen. Murad said a prayer within, raised his scimitar to heaven and yelled a fierce and holy word. The word was taken up, many thousandfold, and in a kind of gloved thunder the Mamelukes threw themselves on to the infidel right and nearly broke it. But the squares healed themselves at once, and the cavalry of the faithful crashed in three avenging prongs along the fire-spitting avenues between the walls. A great gun uttered earthquake language at them from within a square, and, rearing and cursing the curses of the archangels of Islam on to the uncircumcized, they wheeled and swung towards their protective village of Embabeh. There they encountered certain of the blue-clad infidel horde on the flat roofs of the houses, coughing musket-fire at them. But then disaster sang along their lines from the rear as shell after shell crunched and the Mamelukes roared in panic and burden to the screams of their terrified mounts, to whose ears these noises were new. Their rear dissolving, their retreat cut off, most sought the only way, that of the river. They plunged in, horseless, seeking to swim across to join the inactive horde of Ibrahim, waiting for .action that could now never come. Murad Bey, with such of his horsemen as were left, yelped off inland to Gizeh.
    Anthony Burgess

Semantically related words: jinn, genies, qarins, asura, apsara

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