What is another word for shelfy?

5 synonyms found


[ ʃˈɛlfɪ], [ ʃˈɛlfɪ], [ ʃ_ˈɛ_l_f_ɪ]

Synonyms for Shelfy:

How to use "Shelfy" in context?

Shelfy is a new app for iPhone and iPad that lets you control your music, books, and photos from one place. Shelfy is basically a digital media center that you can control from your iOS device. You can browse your photolibrary, view your audiobook collection, and listen to your music all from the same screen. You can also add new music and books to your library, or delete items that you no longer need.

Shelfy is a great way to organize your digital media, and it's perfect for someone who likes to have all of their music, books, and photos in one place.

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