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"Shoshonean" refers to the Native American tribes and languages of the western United States, including the Shoshone, Bannock, Paiute, and Ute people. Synonyms for this term could include "Great Basin tribes," "Intermountain Native Americans," or "Western American Indian groups." These indigenous communities have unique cultures, traditions, and histories that have been shaped by their environments and interactions with other tribes and colonial powers. Despite the challenges they have faced, many Shoshonean tribes have maintained their identities and continue to advocate for their rights and sovereignty. Learning about these communities and their contributions to American history is an important step in recognizing the diversity and resilience of indigenous cultures.

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The shoshonean languages are a family of North American languages spoken by the Shoshone people, who are indigenous to the Great Basin and the Snake River Plain in North America. As of the 2010 census, there are thirteen living Shoshonean languages, according to Ethnologue.

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