What is another word for shrivel?

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When things shrink or wither due to heat, humidity, or age, they can be called shriveled. However, there are several other ways to describe this process. The term wilting describes the process of flowers or plants losing their turgor pressure and drooping. The word withered suggests the process of drying up and losing vitality. If something has become lethargic or diminished in strength, the word desiccated could be used. Meanwhile, the term shrunken conveys the idea of something becoming smaller or tighter. Finally, parched can be used to describe any object that has dried out due to exposure to sunlight or a lack of moisture.

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How to use "Shrivel" in context?

When you think of the word "shrink" what comes to mind? Probably a person, costume or piece of fabric that has been reduced in size. But what about the word "shrink"? What does it refer to in the natural world?

When you see a plant or flower in bloom, you might notice that many of the petals have shrivelled up and disappeared. This is because the plant is using the energy from the Sun to create new tissue and grow. When the weather is cooler, the plant draws energy from the root system instead of the Sun and the petals will start to swell up again.

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