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Simony is a word that has its roots in Christianity, referring to the corrupt act of buying or selling church offices or positions. Synonyms for simony may include bribery, extortion, graft, nepotism, patronage, and corruption. These words all describe unethical or illegal acts that involve the exchange of money or favors for positions or favors. While simony specifically refers to the church, these other terms are more general and can be used to describe similar acts in any institution or organization. Regardless of the context, all of these words represent a major ethical breach and have serious consequences for those found guilty of engaging in them.

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The history of simony is a long and conflicted one. On the one hand, simony is the offering of gifts to gain favor with ecclesiastical leaders in order to advance one's career or religious beliefs. On the other hand, simony can also refer to the act of buying or selling ecclesiastical offices. In either case, simony is seen as an unjust practice that can corrupt Church leadership and hinder the spiritual development of its believers.

Despite its negative reputation, simony has been part of Church practice for centuries. The Church has always had to fight against political and financial powers that might try to use their position to gain advantages for themselves.

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