What is another word for sixth form?

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[ sˈɪksθ fˈɔːm], [ sˈɪksθ fˈɔːm], [ s_ˈɪ_k_s_θ f_ˈɔː_m]

Sixth form is a term commonly used in the United Kingdom to refer to the final two years of secondary education, which prepare students for university. However, there are several synonyms for the phrase that are used in different countries. In the United States, the term "senior high school" is used to refer to the same stage of education. In Australia, the term "year 11 and 12" or "senior secondary" is used. In some African countries, such as Ghana and Nigeria, they refer to it as "upper secondary" or "advanced level". Regardless of the synonym used, the sixth form is a crucial time in a student's education, as it lays the foundation for their future academic and career paths.

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      postsecondary education, educational stages, school stages, student stages.

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