What is another word for Small Pupils?

Pronunciation: [smˈɔːl pjˈuːpə͡lz] (IPA)

Small pupils, also known as pinpoint pupils, are a common medical condition characterized by the constriction of the eye's pupil to a smaller size than usual. Although they can occur naturally in certain individuals, small pupils can also indicate a variety of underlying health issues. Synonyms for small pupils include miosis, constricted pupils, and myosis. Miosis refers specifically to the abnormal constriction of the pupil, whereas constricted pupils highlight the reduced size. Myosis, on the other hand, emphasizes the narrowing of the pupil caused by factors such as drug use or neurological conditions. Identifying these synonyms can assist medical professionals in recognizing and treating the cause of the small pupils effectively.

What are the opposite words for Small Pupils?

Antonyms for "Small Pupils" include "Dilated Pupils" and "Large Pupils." Dilated pupils refer to pupils that are enlarged or expanded, indicating more light entering the eyes. This could occur in response to low light conditions, increased tension or excitement, or certain medications. Large pupils, on the other hand, may refer to normal or not enlarging pupils, as they can also vary in size based on neurological factors. These antonyms are commonly used in ophthalmology and can help clinicians determine a range of diagnosis from neurological disorders to drug side-effects.

What are the antonyms for Small pupils?

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