What is another word for small print?

Pronunciation: [smˈɔːl pɹˈɪnt] (IPA)

Small print refers to the fine text that is often found at the bottom of a document, contract, or agreement. It contains important details that are often overlooked or misunderstood by the reader. Synonyms for small print include fine print, footnotes, notes, annotations, disclaimer, caveat, qualification, and addendum. These terms suggest additional details or warnings that need to be considered before signing a legal document. It is crucial to carefully read and understand all small print before committing to any contract or agreement. Failure to do so may lead to unpleasant surprises or unexpected consequences in the future.

What are the hypernyms for Small print?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Small print

  • I joined another circle and the leader gave us a little leaflet in very small print, asking us to read it carefully and then come prepared to ask questions. It was a technical Marxist subject and I did not understand it nor did I know what questions to ask.
    Agnes Smedley
  • In the little hall leading to it was a rack holding various Socialist or radical newspapers, tracts, and pamphlets in very small print and on very bad paper. The subjects treated were technical Marxist theories.
    Agnes Smedley
  • The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.
    Tom Waits
  • The big print giveth and the small print taketh away
    Douglas Scoular
  • The supermarket shelves have been rearranged. It happened one day without warning. There is agitation and panic in the aisles, dismay in the faces of older shoppers.[…]They scrutinize the small print on packages, wary of a second level of betrayal. The men scan for stamped dates, the women for ingredients. Many have trouble making out the words. Smeared print, ghost images. In the altered shelves, the ambient roar, in the plain and heartless fact of their decline, they try to work their way through confusion. But in the end it doesn’t matter what they see or think they see. The terminals are equipped with holographic scanners, which decode the binary secret of every item, infallibly. This is the language of waves and radiation, or how the dead speak to the living. And this is where we wait together, regardless of our age, our carts stocked with brightly colored goods. A slowly moving line, satisfying, giving us time to glance at the tabloids in the racks. Everything we need that is not food or love is here in the tabloid racks. The tales of the supernatural and the extraterrestrial. The miracle vitamins, the cures for cancer, the remedies for obesity. The cults of the famous and the dead.
    Don DeLillo

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